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    Monsoon Trekking in Nepal

    Monsoon Trekking in Nepal

    Hiking the Himalayas through the paddy terraced fields, bank of river, colorful ethnic villages and wild jungles is possible all the time in a year. But there are two main seasons for trekking, before and after monsoon/summer season.

    Monsoon in Nepal from June to August is off season for trekking. If you are trekking enthusiast and would like to hike the Himalayas have the option to trek in rain-shadow areas like Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo, Annapurna Circuit and Humla Limi.

    Monsoon is the time of agriculture in Nepal and you can have opportunity to witness the farmers working in their fields cultivating the crops, sowing or reaping on the trails. It is the great time to view the colorful, lush vegetation and clear views just after the rain stops raining.

    During the monsoon, the popular trekking trails are less crowded and availability of rooms at lodges is high. For monsoon trekking in Nepal, you must follow the following tips

    • Start a trek early
    • Dress waterproof gears
    • Get a waterproof backpack
    • Do not trek alone, trek with at least a guide or porter

    The trek itineraries during monsoon in Nepal

    Upper Mustang Trek

    Since 1992, trekking to Upper Mustang was first opened for tourists and should obtain a special permit to enter costing US$50 per day. Tourist walk on the trails that Mustangi people used for trade to Tibet. Thousands of tourists every year visit this area for an adventure journey to Himalayas.

    Tourists have the opportunity to explore the Tibetan culture, festival, tradition and villages that are the most highlight of the region. Tiji Festival in Lo-Mangtang in May is the popular attraction of the region for tourists inspiring them to visit and experience the native culture.

    Upper Mustang trek is a popular trekking in a year round. The area lies in rain-shadow area mostly dominated by the giant Himalayan ranges; Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. During the monsoon season, trekkers are flown to Upper Mustang as other regions are affected by Monsoon rain. The trekking offers the best views of Nilgiri, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and other many peaks along with windswept Kali-Gandaki valley and wide views of Kagbeni.

    Upper Dolpo Trek

    Upper Dolpo is a less touristic and unspoiled trekking region of western Nepal that offers the spectacular views of Himalayas, incredible landscapes, rich culture, wonderful lakes and the remote Himalayan villages. Shey Phoksundo Lake is main highlight of this region. The surrounding environment, rocks, giant hills, forests and snow-capped peaks are worth visiting.

    Trekking to Dolpo during the monsoon season is the best way to experience the nature and culture of high Himalayas of western Nepal as it lies in rain-shadow area. The upper Dolpo receives less rainfall in comparison to other regions during monsoon season in Nepal. So, trekking to this region is best for diverse culture, landscapes and beautiful scenery.

    Limi Valley Trek in Humla Karnali

    Limi valley lies on the far northwest region of Nepal and offers the beautiful culture and incredible nature. During the monsoon season, it receives no rainfall or less rainfall that wouldn’t make problem to your holiday plans. It is less visited and camping trek region opened for tourists since 2002. You will experience unexplored and unspoiled landscapes and culture influenced by Tibetan. Limi valley trekking trail is old salt trading route of Nepal and Tibet.

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