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Adventure Activities in Nepal, Take Everest Flight

Adventure Activities

Every corner of Nepal caters extremely adventurous activities, which are operated in the sky, rivers, jungles and mountains of Nepal.

Nepal is a naturally blessed Himalayan Nation with plenty of resources perfect enough to operate diverse adventurous activities. The stretch of 2200km Himalayas with eight 8000ers and myriads of other peaks, the gush of 7000 rivers and rivulets, the wilderness inside 14 protected wildlife parks and the perfect destinations for aerial adventures make Nepal the greatest adventurous hub across the globe.

Besides trekking and mountain expeditions adventures, Nepal caters extreme adrenaline rush in the water, sky and the jungles. Nepal Footprint Holiday caters all the adventurous activities that take place around this small landlocked country located between India and China.

White water rafting and kayaking in the raging Himalayan Rivers that originated from the Himalayas are great water adventures of Nepal we cater. The scenic Mountain Flight to Everest, gripping paragliding in Sarangkot Pokhara and the hair-raising zip-flying also in Pokhara are the best selling sky adventures we offer.

One of the best destinations for adrenaline hungry travelers, Nepal is probably the only nation in the world that has extreme adventures of all kinds. Allow us to serve a sensation of adrenaline in Nepal and we assure we will not let you in any way.

White River rafting in Nepal
Duration - 1-9 Days  |  Max Height: 1300m

Flow with the raging torrents of Nepal’s greatest rivers

Experience Everest Flight
Duration - 01 Day  |  Max Height: 29000ft

The Mt. Everest 8848 meter View guaranteed in the shortest possible time by single window view.

Paragliding in Pokhara
Duration - 01 Day  |  Max Height: 9000ft

Flying over the most beautiful town in Nepal facing the most beautiful peaks of the Himalayas- great adventure in Pokhara

Zip flyer in Pokhara, Zip line flying in Nepal
Duration - 01 Day  |  Max Height:

Zoom at the speed of 90 miles per hour hanging on vertical rope at 56 degree

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