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    The 7 Best Hiking Trips in Kathmandu

    The 7 Best Hiking Trips in Kathmandu

    7 Best Hiking Trips 2023 from Kathmandu with most trusted local trek operator in Nepal affordable price. Multiple options of hikes with fixable transportation.

    The Kathmandu city surrounded by 360 of the green mountain hills is capital and the largest city of Nepal. This ancient Kathmandu valley is one of the best for day exploration, hiking tours and some of personalized activities.
    It is says the city of Temple and Pagodas where you can find every Conner of the city. Culturally, the Kathmandu city is very much rich because it has gain 7 world heritage (UNESCO) sites.

    If you go just few miles beyond from the Kathmandu city, there are many more lovely, naturally and panoramic hills and rural villages where you can get the best view of the Nature.

    The rolling hill of Kathmandu valley is such a natural wonders and that has gain best ranging of day hiking destination. Although there are only few people take hiking from Kathmandu which is naturally and less crowded.
    The hiking trails and spot represent one of alternative refreshment places for the Kathmandu city people. The hiking trips offer some of mix adventure, opportunity to see the wildlife and breathtaking scenery of rural Himalayas. Hiking in the Nepal’s rolling hills always fresher and physically get lots of benefits for healthy living.

    Those hiking in Kathmandu are relatively easy going, just a day walks and cheap. You don’t need to get lots of hiking experience, perpetration and its quick backpacking and go for day.

    Here are the 7 best ranging day hiking tours in Kathmandu where most people go and hikes every day.

    #Shivapuri Bagdwar Hike

    Shivapuri hiking is one of most popular day hiking destination from Kathmandu among the hikers. The Shivapuri is one of second highest hill in the north side of Kathmandu city that name Shivapuri National Park. Rich of flora and fauna and it is one of very important protect park for drinking water sources for Kathmandu valley people. Bagdwar is the highest and beginning spring (Tiger spout) of Bagmati River is one of Holy River running through the middle of Kathmandu valley along the Pashupatinath Temple. The hill offer best view of Kathmandu city in the south and snowy Mountain View in the north. On the hike, if you follow the western route from Pani Muhan, great opportunity to explore the only nunnery Buddhist monastery (Nagi Gompa) above the hill.

    Shivapuri Hiking Tour Orchid flower in Shivapuri Hiking Trail – Bagdwar area.

    Essential info for Shivapuri Day Hike
    Starting point: Pani Muhan northern Kathmandu
    Ending point: Pani Muhan/Kopan monastery
    Hiking distance: Approximately 14 KM
    Highest elevation: 2700 meter/9500ft
    Highlights: Forest, Mountain View, Flora and fauna and Monastery.
    Best time: September to June

    #Nagarkot Hill to Sankhu Hiking

    Nagarkot is one of most popular northeastern hilltop near Kathmandu to see the best view of Sunrise, Sunset Himalayan View. The hill is about 40km far from Kathmandu that takes about 1.5 hours by drive. You can simply take a drive and get involve for hiking along the forest, rural villages and farms. The hiking trail from Nagarkot to Sankhu quite soft, mostly downhill and it present the best view of Kathmandu valley, Mountain range and the green paddy landscape of Himalayas. Nagarkot Hike is perfect for beginner and soft adventure lover.

    Nagarkot Changunarayan Hike Mountain View from Nagarkot hiking

    Essential info for Nagarkot Day Hike
    Starting point: Nagarkot
    Ending point: Sankhu/Changunarayan Temple
    Hiking distance: Approximately 12 KM
    Highest elevation: 2200 meter/7200ft
    Highlights: Forest, Mountain View, Rural villages, Farms and City View.
    Best time: All Year

    #Dhulikhel to Panauti Hike via Namobuddha

    The hiking from Duulikhel to Panauti is one of best experience of Himalayan foot-hills. The scenic hikes give you ultimate experience of Nepali rural lives from the rolling hills to hills. You will visit the famous Buddhist spot Namobuddha (The Buddhist school of Yoga and open museum of Buddhism). The hill surrounded by hills and monastery is one of best attraction and great chance to learn Buddhism and culture. Panauti is another historical city out of Kathmandu and it represents the 17th century culture of Newar and their tradition.

    Namobuddha Panauti Hiking Namobuddha Monastery

    Essential info for Dhulikhel Panauti Namobuddha Hiking
    Starting point: Dhulikhel
    Ending point: Panauti
    Hiking distance: Approximately 16 KM
    Highest elevation: 1900 meter/6700ft
    Highlights: Forest, Mountain View, Buddhist Monastery, Oranges Farm and Heritage city architect
    Best time: All Year

    #Phulchowki Hill Hiking

    Phulchoki is the highest hill in Kathmandu city that is over 2800 meter above the sea level. Mostly protect forest for wildlife and water resources. The hill located southwest form Kathmandu and within an hour drive you can reach to the hiking point. During the winter season the hill is covered by full of snow. To see the best view of Kathmandu and beyond mid-hills, panoramic view of Himalayas and with Mt. Everest and the greenery, many people hike to there.

    Phulchoki Day Hiking Best day hiking in Phulchoki from Kathmandu

    Essential info for Phulchoki Day Hike
    Starting point: Godawari
    Ending point: Godawari
    Hiking distance: Approximately 18 KM
    Highest elevation: 2790 meter/10500ft
    Highlights: Forest, Mountain View, Flora and fauna and Monastery.
    Best time: All year

    #Chandragiri to Champawati Hiking

    Chandragiri Hill is one of top attraction of Kathmandu located in the southwest side. The hill is perfect to see the Kathmandu city with the mountain and the foot-hills of Himalayas. You can take a short drive then take a Cable car ride to the top of Chandarigiri Hill. The hill offer Nepals best resorts and some of adventure activities. From there you can hike down to Kirtipur either Chitlang villages around and back to Kathmandu.

    Chandragiri Day Hiking Chandragiri Hills Day Hiking

    Essential info for Champawati Chandragiri Day hike

    Starting/Ending point: Chandragiri Cable Car
    Hiking distance: Approximately 14 KM
    Highest elevation: 2550 meter/8000ft
    Highlights: Forest, Mountain View, Flora and fauna and Monastery, Temple and Villages.
    Best time: All Year

    #Nagarjung Forest Jamacho Hike

    Nagarjun Forest is one of nearest hiking destination from Kathmandu city. Within 10 minutes drive you can reach the Shivapuri National Park entry point and climb this hill within few hours to the top. The hiking trail goes along the forest to the highest point 2600 meter Jamacho. The hill offer 360 degree best view of rolling hills and the Himalayas scenery beyond. While you are hiking on the Jamacho hill, you will have great experience of hiking and wildlife.

    Nagarjun Jamacho Day Hike View from Nagarjun Hill Jamacho Gompa

    Essential info for Nagarjun Jamacho Day hike

    Starting point: Phulbari Gate
    Ending point: Near Syambhu Temple/Phulbari
    Hiking distance: Approximately 15 KM
    Highest elevation: 2120 meter/7000ft
    Highlights: Forest, Mountain View, Flora and fauna and Monastery.
    Best time: September to June

    #Kakani Day Hiking

    Kakani is one of popular village and hill top attached to Shivapuri National Park in the northwest of Kathmandu city. The hill is named by Tamang people and well-known for Mountain View, organic product, strawberry farm and trout fish. Kakani is also popular for Radish farm too. Nepal Scout training camp, Royal Thai memorial park (Thai airline crash body cemetery), Basanti Durbar – an heritage palace, some of colorful Buddhist stuppa and the scenic view of Himalayas foothill top places to see. Kakani Hill is 22km faraway from Kathmandu takes only 1 hour by derive. Hike around Kakani and to the Shivapuri National Park is one of best walking experience.

    Kakani day Hiking

    Essential info for Kakani Shivapuri Day Hike
    Starting point: Kathmandu
    Ending point: Tokha/Tarekashwor/Kakani
    Hiking distance: Approximately 16 KM
    Highest elevation: 2600 meter/9500ft
    Highlights: Forest, Mountain View, Flora and fauna and Monastery, Park, Farms and City.
    Best time: September to June

    Conclusion of the Day hiking in Kathmandu:

    However, Kathmandu valley is surrounded by rolling hills, forest, rural villages. There are much more viewpoints attractions where people can go by hike. Those recommended hiking trips are only the best ranging hikes according to the Nepal Tourism data. Although, every corner of Kathmandu is very interesting, beautiful and best way to explore on foots. So, you can consider the trek, hike either drive. Some of the hiking routes are easy; some off them are moderates and some of long distance and a bit challenging. But, every day hike you will enjoy and get the best experience.

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